Bike Parking

Lake Merritt Plaza has a bicycle storage room for use by tenants and can be accessed with their building access card.  Please contact building management to have your access card activated.  Space for the bike room is limited and is available on a “first-come, first served” basis. 

The bike room is located on the ground floor of 1999 Harrison across from the mailroom and is accessed via the entry doors from the garage.  There is a security camera at the entrance of the room and a locked door secures the room, which can be accessed only by tenants with activated access cards.  We strongly encourage that you lock your bicycle and take all precautions necessary to prevent theft.
“Bike Storage Agreement and Release of Liability” signage will be posted in the room and provided to any tenant requesting access.  Any tenant utilizing this room accepts all terms and conditions of the posted/provided Release and Liability Agreement, and agrees to follow all rules and regulations set in place by building management.    
Tenants wishing to use the bike room should contact the Building Management Office at (510) 273-8555.  

**NOTE:  There are also two bike racks available in the valet area of the parking garage that can also be utilized by tenants or guests. **